Call for Papers

The ICENAT 2022 conference seeks paper describing innovative contributions focusing the following areas (not limited to): emerging network architecture, emerging routing and switching technologies, emerging naming and addressing technology, network intelligence, deterministic network, heterogeneous network integration, air-space-ground-sea integrated network, Storage, computing and forwarding integration technology, green network technology, industry applications of emerging network technologies.

The specific topics of the conference include, but are not limited to:

Track 1:Emerging Network Architecture and Technologies

    Emerging network architecture

    Emerging routing and switching technologies

    Emerging naming and addressing technologies

    Green network technologies

    Architecture and key technologies related to Software Defined Network(SDN), Network Functions Virtualization(NFV), Information Center Network(ICN), Computing First Networking(CFN), Intent-Based Networking(IBN)

Track 2:Network Intelligence Theory and Technology

    The application of artificial intelligence in the emerging networking

    Digital twin network, Metaverse and applications

    Blockchain and applications

    Perception of network and network measurement

    Routing algorithm, traffic scheduling, congestion control

    Intelligent data plane design

    Network resource orchestration and management

    Automated network management strategy

    Intent-driven network management and control

    Network service and content distribution

Track 3:Heterogeneous Networks and Network Integration

    Integration theory and technology of heterogeneous network

    Air-space-ground-sea integrated network

    Forwarding, storage and computing resource integration

    Multi-domain network integration

    Convergence of wired and wireless network

    Cloud network collaboration, computing and network collaboration

    Cloud-network-edge-end collaboration

Track 4:Network Service Quality Assurance and Security

    Deterministic network (DetNet) theory and technology

    Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) theory and technology

    Network fault detection, localization and recovery

    Network resilience design

    Network security, attack detection and mitigation

    Network storage security and privacy

Track 5:Dedicated Network Applications

    Large-scale testbed for emerging networking

    Design and experiment for dedicated applications of emerging network technologies

    Design, implementation and deployment of testbed

Track 6: Information Centric Networking(ICN)

    Architecture design and evaluation

    Routing, forwarding, and caching for ICN

    Security solutions for ICN, including privacy, trust management, access control, and key management.

    ICN solutions supporting mobile or constrained environments

    ICN network management, e.g., monitoring and fault diagnosis

    Design, implementation and evaluation of information-centric solutions in solving real-world problems